Biography of Photographer naomaria


While naomaria was studying abroad in America, she traveled to Brazil with some friends for about a month.  One of them had a single-lens reflex camera, and she was moved by the beautiful photos he took.

After returned to Japan in January 1998, she immediately purchased a single-lens reflex camera (Canon’s first generation EOS KISS: silver halide) and traveled many places with the camera.

At that time, digital cameras had not yet developed and film cameras were the mainstream.  She diligently took notes on the shooting data and hoped for early improvement.  As a result of her efforts, naomaria’s work was published in Asahi Camera and won an award in a photo contest.

Currently, she is actively photographing live performances.


naomaria’s photography

naomaria’s preferred photography style is low-key photography (underexposed: dark) with warm colors, strong colors, and clear contrast.  She is conscious of taking photos with an artistic atmosphere.

On the other hand, many Japanese people prefer a simple and natural style; it is bright, pale, and has a gentle atmosphere.  naomaria pursues a completely opposite style, but this is what makes her feel the most excited when she presses the shutter button.

Therefore, she rarely takes photos of nature. This style of photography is often done in parks or concert venues early in the morning.




Low-key (underexposed: dark)
Vivid colors


Low-key and vivid






Scenes with a live feel such as concerts and events
Beautiful natural scenery with silhouettes



Beautiful silhouette of the park in the early morning in winter




magazine “Asahi Camera” (2001),
“a world of black and white” Honorable mention(Tomioka White Museum)

Live shows, Events (Schools), coming-of-age ceremonies, portrait etc.