The works created by naomaria are not just art.

It is a healing art that receives messages from the universe and translates. She produces them based on her spirituality that sprouted from her childhood. It’s like an “inscription from space”.

The message put in the work becomes vibrations and will reach you. The message as a word strengthens its attraction. So it’s not just an art, an interior, an ornament, but an existence like a “talisman” that boosts your future happiness. Just because it’s in your daily life space, its vibrations would shake your cells and “guide” where you go.

Even when you get out of the way, good vibrations also have the power to pull you back. We believe that the work produced by naomaria plays such a role.

We will be glad that you place it beside you as a “tool” for you to live a happy day and look at it every day.


Creation of the Universe

The sky of the Universe

Kimono Collage Art