When naomaria visits Sedona where the great nature spreads in Feb. 2019,
She deeply feels the greatness of nature and the preciousness of the existence of human beings.

“Harmony with nature”
“Coexistence with nature”

Existence significance of “nature” and “human being”.
A long time ago, each balance should have been maintained.
Now that the balance has been lost, she has noticed that fact,
not only the theme in creative activities, it has become a life theme as a person.

What kind of life would it be if you let go of the egos?
What kind of artworks are born?

She starts expressing her own “harmony with nature” and “coexistence with nature” in her work taking off the egos one by one after the notice.
She will continue her creative activities in hope
that the importance of “harmony with nature” and “coexistence with nature”
will be transmitted to as many people as possible.