naomaria noticed.

She was fascinated by the universe from a young age.

As she grew up, her innocent heart was obscured.

When she observed what her heart responded to,
she knew that they all led to the universe that was fascinated in her childhood.


Stained glass

design in mother-of-pearl inlay

Gradient color


They are all based on


Black × Color


They took her heart and won’t let go.


The moment she noticed that,
her production theme was in

harmony with nature, including the universe.


The universe that exists in everyone.
The art she creates is born through dialogue with the universe within her.

Art of the universe


What you feel when you see her work.
The emotions that have been shaken are the universe itself you have.
The universe here is “the center of your soul”.

Her art exists to help you get back to your way.
Any works that your heart responded to.
They would be “Tool” or “Guide” for you to live a happy day.

We hope you beside them and watch them every day.
And always feel your universe.