Pointillism made with vintage kimonos
Only one art “Kimono Collage Art”

Put the spotlight on the kimonos you no longer wear

naomaria, an artist who uses vintage kimonos, adds new value to used kimonos with the disgraceful title of No.1 that would be a problem if you receive them in Japan.

While producing “Kimono Collage Art”, which was called “Pointillism made from fabric” by Salon d’Automne officials, she is researching and disseminating a wide range of methods for using old kimono cloth on a daily basis.

naomaria is good at expressing the color world felt from music, scenery, events, etc. with kimono and beads.  Unique color matching is especially popular.  In recent years, she has been using vintage kimonos for art in various styles, not limited to works using beads.

Through the activities of naomaria, she would be very happy if you could feel new possibilities for reusing kimonos that you no longer wear, and actually challenge to reuse them with your own ideas and methods.