Kimono Collage Art

What’s “Kimono Collage Art”?

Kimono Collage Art is a brand new art that naomaria launched in 2015 after trial and error.

Through some processes, various styles such as semi-solid motifs, flat works and patterns were born. Please see details through “Styles of Kimono Collage Art“.

Most of these works are produced by naomaria with her inspiration. Origin of her inspiration are from classic rock of the 70’s, fashion and interior of bohemian taste, retro design and color schemes of the 70’s, colorful miscellaneous goods and arts, delicate and clever mosaic, and majestic nature that makes her feel just a part of it and very small existence. There are many things that excites her. The spirit of naomaria inspired by them leads her through the image to pieces.

This one and only kimono collage art also deals with order production. Please free to contact for details.



about “Kimono Collage Art”

Styles of Kimono Collage Art


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