Kimono Collage Art

What’s “Kimono Collage Art”?

Kimono Collage Art is a brand new art that naomaria launched in 2015 after trial and error.  Through some processes, various styles such as semi-solid motifs, flat works and patterns were born.

A scale is momentary emotion
All those gatherings represent your humanity

What are you made of?

Various feelings that you had in the past form current yourself

History you’ve been through
Proof of having lived boldly

Each scale shines all the time
You of “artwork” is an irreplaceable masterpiece


Expressing “emotions”

The parts that make up the work are “a piece of emotion“.

Various emotions that you had in the past form current yourself.
The path you walked is your history and proof of having lived boldly.
And, what kind of scenery will you see when you walk into the future?

Life is layers of emotions“.

Overcoming the times when she lost hope and didn’t even know the meaning of life, she tries to express the emotions that she can feel more sensitively and the “reality of living” that springs from it.


Origin of inspiration

Origin of her inspiration is a specific era from the end of the 60’s through the beginning of the 70’s.  This period has been giving naomaria a strong sense of indescribable exhilaration and nostalgic even though she hasn’t been born yet.
The keyword “freedom” appears at the same time. This era was still generous in all things.  Freedom that penetrates and expresses individuality.   A majestic heart that respects other individuality.  naomaria has tried to convey the importance of this spiritual “freedom” through her works.