Creation of the Universe

Light of various colors turns white when mixed (Three primary colors of light).
The color of the universe is a color like cafe au lait with plenty of milk instead of black.
Beige color close to white.
This is the average color calculated from the surface temperature of 200,000 stars.

The universe is said to be born from a black holes.
They created not only galaxies, but also all lives on every planets.
The energy that our cells, the light of the universe, and all beings emit.
The world (space) is created by all these fusions.

If you have seen it in books or videos, you should already know it.

The creation of the original universe is perfect enough to lose words.
The universe has been creating beautiful worlds with no mistakes of 1 micron
for more than 13.8 billion years and is still developing.
Our existence created by the universe is also perfect.

Being confident in yourself and living like yourself increases self-affirmation.
Then, you return to what you should be shining like “light”,
and this beautiful earth becomes a more shining star.

Make this earth the most beautiful star in the universe.

This “Creation of the Universe” series is inspired by light and white.

Works for you to regain self-affirmation.
All the vectors are heading towards you heart.

How did you feel and how did you perceive it?

Everything is at your heart.

One of the way to know it is
this “Creation of the Universe” series.

A series completed with the benefit of the universe.

The dots placed on the back, which are lightly and gently colored, express

Elementary particle of energy

“I live here.”

The source is packed like the work of this series.
We are very precious beings in the universe.

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