Framed Art

naomaria has framed her own artworks by herself. Framing art is one of the important works to make her artworks look beautiful as she imagines.  How a mat should be designed.  What kind and color of frame is the best.  She spends a very long time pondering.

This is as if you coordinate clothes. The impression changes dramatically depending on how you combine and show. If it is very different from the theme or image of the work, it will be a sloppy coordination and will only give the viewer a sense of discomfort.

How she does not only make a work, but also show attractively it like her own child.  This is the responsibility of the creator, she thinks.

It is possible to ask a specialist to frame the frame. However, for an artist who sells “individuality” like naomaria, it is almost impossible to finish the work with 100% of the image that she intends unless close communication and a relationship of trust with the specialists. Unfortunately, she hasn’t met such a person yet.

And above all, she doesn’t like putting the energy of others on her work. She wants to overflow with purely her own energy.  This is a feeling unique to naomaria that emphasizes energy.

These are the reasons why naomaria does all the framed work herself. She started artist activities in earnest in 2016, and as of December 2020, she has produced and framed more than 300 works.

Frame all works be herself

This is nothing special and natural for naomaria.