Art with Vintage Kimonos


2022 ”Core”

Aug. Group Exhibition “Made in Japan” (NY Chelsea)
May Toyohashi Higashi High School 120th Anniversary Art Exhibition (Toyohashi City Museum of Art and History)
May Group Exhibition (Toyohashi, Aichi)
April Solo Exhibition (Cultural Heritage Site “Komaya”)
Feb. Online Group Exhibition “RED” (NY)

2021 ”New stage”

Dec. Luxembourg Art Prize (Certificate of Art Achievement)
June Solo Exhibition (Cultural Heritage Site “Komaya”)

2020 “Re-Start”

Feb. Group Exhibition “Made in Japan” (NY Chelsea)
Jan. Group Exhibition “Girls’ Festival” (Iwata, Shizuoka)

2019 “Origin”

Dec. Group Exhibition “New Year Exhibition” (Iwata, Shizuoka)
Sept. Solo Exhibition “Creation of the Universe” (Iwata, Shizuoka)
Feb. Group Exhibition “Sm;)ey” (NY Chelsea)

2018 “Patterns & Simplicity”

Nov. Solo Exhibition (Outsu-ji Temple | Toyohashi, Aichi)
Oct. re:naoMariage (Cultural Heritage Site “Komaya”)
Sept. Group Exhibition “JAPANISM2” (NY Chelsea)
Sept. Solo Exhibition (Pleiades Gallery | NY Chelsea)
Aug. Group Exhibition “We” (NY Chelsea)
Aug. France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition
June Japanese Today’s Visual Arts Exhibiton (Hijon, Spain)
May Mini solo exhibition (Toyohashi Higashi High School)
Jan. Mini fashion show naoMariage (Cultural Heritage Site “Komaya”)

2017 “Gradation & Decoration”

Dec. Solo Exhibition (Cultural Heritage Site “Komaya”)
Dec. Lecture (Toyohashi Higashi High School | Aichi)
Aug. France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition
Mar. Solo Exhibition (Itchiku Kubota Art Museum)

2016 “Rock”

May Solo Exhibition (Million Art Space | Tokyo)

2015 “Love”

Apr. Group Exhibition “Nature, Hope & Peace” (Yachimata, Chiba)
Mar. Group Exhibition “Nature, Hope & Peace” (Okazaki, Aichi)
Jan. Begin art activity as a Kimono Collage Artist


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