How naomaria was born

In 2012.  Hurt her heart with TV news.

There were countries that fight for political reasons and historical backgrounds.
We can respect for the culture, entertainment and art of each other.
However, once political and historical factors are involved, we will become critics.

Got very sad.

“What can I do ?”

“I want to make smile those people with art that I create, even though just a moment.”

Such a feeling came up and settled the determination to become an artist.
Thus “naomaria” was born.

Creativity brings you smile beyond borders.

This is the activity purpose of naomaria and also her motto.


naomaria created a brand new art which she coined as Kimono Collage Art in 2013 as a result of her pursuing differentiation from other works, based on her prior experience in creating preserved flower art.  This art which emerged based on the concept of “intuition”, is for her the crystallization of pure imagination.

She launched into this artform in 2015, and has, since that time, exhibited her work at galleries, art museums and cultural heritage sites throughout Japan. In September 2018, she fulfilled her dream of holding a solo show in New York.

naomaria says that she feels a strong romance in kimonos full of traditions and techniques that have grown up over a long history.  In particular, antique and vintage kimonos, all made by hand, have analog imperfections and warmth, always leading her to the peaceful era of the 70s.  When her distinctive color combination is added to the kimonos, a nostalgic and warm original work is born.