How naomaria was born


Hurt her heart with TV news.

There were countries that fight for political reasons and historical backgrounds.
We can respect for the culture, entertainment and art of each other.
However, once political and historical factors are involved, we will become critics.

Got very sad.

“What can I do ?”

“I want to make smile those people with art that I create, even though just a moment.”

Such a feeling came up and settled the determination to become an artist.
Thus “naomaria” was born.

Creativity brings you smile beyond borders.

This is the activity purpose of naomaria and also her motto.


naomaria was born in Toyohashi, located in Aichi Prefecture and remembers seeing her father going off to fish each Sunday being that they lived near the ocean. She was affected by her father’s colorful fishing gear in her youth.

She recalls working as a team to create art when she was in junior high school. She enjoyed painting by listening to rock music in high school. She entered a science college but dropped out to study abroad in Boston for 2 years.

She returned to Japan and began working as a receptionist, becoming an interior coordinator by age 30. It was about this time she learned about preserved flowers and became interested in making them.

She was not being appreciated at work, which led to depression due to stress. She found it difficult to verbalize herself with others, coming to distrusted people in 1998. She suffered depression again in 2007, but she was able to develop a career where she could already teach preserved flowers.

naomaria began selling preserved flowers in 2008 and launched her own class in 2011. She held her first private exhibit in a café gallery, which led her to consider incorporating more meaningful differences. She gained ideas from preserved flowers where wires are used to place flower petals, so she began disassembling rose petals, spreading them out, and using them to make crepe in the form of rose petals. Here is where her current pattern was born.

She released her crepe artworks in 2013, and she also used a variety of bead colors, discovering that the greater the number of combinations, the wider her selection became.

naomaria’s artworks possess a distinctive contrast, gradation and color combination, and she says that color is important to her. naomaria says it is important firstly to put her mind into her work.

She was able to hold a private exhibit in New York in 2018 after an encounter with her artist friends. She also made her first attempt at crowd funding. Many came out to support her, making her realize she was not alone. She said she also realized “taking global action to make our dreams come true” was the source of her becoming an artist. naomaria is happily focused today on creating artworks for the world.