Kimono Collage Art Kit

Learning Japanese traditional patterns
through “Kimono Collage” Art kit

This “Kimono Collage Art “Kit is born
for elderly people who need dementia prevention and activation of their abilities
and small children to foster their creativity.

This art kit consists of only one to three kinds of parts.
As it’s very simple process, everyone would have fun and be satisfied.

Furthermore, we recommend foreigners who are interested in Japanese traditional culture.
Learning the meaning and origin of Japanese traditional patterns.
That could be great opportunities to know Japanese culture and communicate each other.

We have a few levels from the beginners who can be made in a short time to the advanced like a puzzle.

Please try the pattern (design) that your interest or according to your own level.

1. Copy the design on a board and cut it out with an utility knife on the line.
2. Draw as many as you need on the back of the cloth using the cut out design.
3. Cut them out with scissors a little inside of the line.
4. Glue the cut out parts of the fabric according to the guides drawn on the paper.
5. You can frame your art if you want to.